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Application Fees:  
*Persons aged 18 years and older, must apply and complete an individual Application Packet.

* Application Packets must include all 4 requirements from the 'Please Provide' section below. 

          $50 Application Fee (per applicant 18 years of age and older, non-refundable)
          After Approval, a 
$150 Hold Fee (non-refundable) is immediately due.

Please Provide (each applicant 18 and older):

  1. Application fee in the form of a money order only, payable to Woodbine Gardens

  2. A fully completed Application Form 

  3. Two current forms of ID, to be scanned in our office                                                            (Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Passport, State or Federal photo ID)

  4. Two most recent pay-stubs   (Self-employed persons may provide last year’s tax forms and most recent quarterly statement. Newly employed persons may provide the original offer letter on company letterhead stating hire date and salary)

Application Requirements:

  • Applicants must be at least 18 years old to be a leaseholder and everyone 18 and older must apply.

  • Applicants combined yearly gross income must be at least - 1 Bedroom $43,000,
    2 Bedroom $54,000, Studio $37,000

  • Applicants must have at least 700 credit, a clear background/rental/employment histories.



          1 Bedroom & Studio - No more than 2 people total, regardless of age.

          2 Bedroom - No more than 4 people total, regardless of age.

FAQ's answered here...


Do I need an appointment?


Yes, appointments are required to view or to apply.  Please review our office hours.      

Office Hours:  Tuesday 9am - 5pm    Wednesday & Thursday 2pm - 7pm

We can be reached by phone or email  9-5 weekdays.


Can I fill out an application online?


No.  You can access the printable PDF version of the application by clicking the “APPLICATION FORM” link.  You must apply in person at the Leasing Office.  


How much is the security deposit?


The security is equal to 11/2 month rent.


What utilities do I pay?


You are only responsible to pay the electric (PSEG).  The electric bill consists of AC and lights usage; the appliances are a small draw.  The baseboard heat & range/oven are gas.


Do you allow pets?


No, we do not allow pets of any type.


What about Parking? 


Each apartment has 1 assigned parking spot.  A 2nd unassigned spot may be given to an apartment, depending.  The parking lots are for tenants only.


How can I make my rent payment? 


We encourage tenants to use their account portals to make online payments.  It can be accessed from the "Tenant" tab of this website once the office has sent you the set up email.  From there you can review your  ledger/transactions, and view your lease.   The newest portal program is Credit Reporting!  Only on time rent payments are reported to the credit agencies when using the portal!   (There is a $2.95 per use fee when using a checking/savings account, less than $36 per year.  The per use for debit/credit card fee is 3%.)


When is the rent due?

The rent is due on or before the 1st day of each month.  Rent is late if not paid by 5pm on the 5th day of the month and a $50 Late Fee will be charged.


Do you send me a bill every month?


No. Please refer to the above question on "rent due date".